The perfect solution for your plants, Planter Bag Eco Pack is the best choice for gardening on small space, also easy moving. The best choice compare to pot, plastic pot, injection pot, polybag, polybag film or drum. It can be used for growing fruits trees, landscape trees, vegetables, flowers etc in home garden or commercial.

It is produced from a virgin and non-recycle material. Why are our products so great, Advantages of Eco Pack Planter Bag :

1. Best quality, very strong, light-weight, steady and durable since it is made from non-recycle material.

2. Simple, Easy to move and relocate plants, foldable prior to use.

3. Durable for more than 5 years. Weatherproof as well as in extreme weather. UV-additive high scale in all materials. Made from virgin HDPE material with high anti UV additive, it will withstand 5 years in any climates and temperatures, such as hot extreme in the Middle East or cold extreme in Europe.

4. Equipped with super tough Handle Belt to simplify moving process by hand or any heavy equipments such as forklift / crane.

5. Fertilizer and land-saving. It fertilize your plants effectively and will result a healthier and strong root.

6. Reusable

7. Designed with drainage hole to ensure perfect air and circulation to make your plants healthier. It will allow light in to the bag and extra drain holes for moisture and air circulation, you will always have a strong and healthy fibrous roots system and superior plants growth.

8. Manufactured wit a round bottom will make filling the bags very easy, stable and make it in perfect presentation

9. Eco Pack Planter Bag will help you to safe fertilizer cost, because it only absorbed by your plant, not other plants or weeds

10. Eco Pack Planter Bag can be used for many stages since seedlings until production plants, such as fruits plant

11. Eco Pack Planter Bag can be used for growing vegetables, flowers, palm trees or other landscape trees, flowers, fruit trees, etc

12. Available in green, other colours available by request

13. All bags can be printed with your logo or trade mark

14. Various size to suit your needs

15. Packed in a pressed bale with max. weight of 20 kg, no need big space for storage or delivery

16. Available in many design and sizes from 3 litre up to 3000 litre or by request

Available sizes for Eco Pack Standard Planter Bag as below :


*Should you need the products in big quantities, do not hesitate to contact us.